About us

Veteran salesman Chris Manchester founded Rhino Supplies and Consulting in 2019. After accumulating many years of expertise in the construction industry, Chris turned his talents to sales. He began his legendary 15-year sales career in the supply store world, and that led to work with a full array of related industries, services, and products. Along the way, Chris began to specialize in the sector that would end up defining him as a sales representative: survey and construction supply.

A few years back, Chris recognized an industry-wide need for a more competitive survey and construction supply store. So he started one of his own.

As many of his friends and colleagues know, this is not Chris’ first time venturing into the unknown. His all-go-never-quit spirit is encapsulated by the Winston Churchill quote,”Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Today, some years and many adventures later, Rhino Supplies and Consulting serves the Alberta survey and construction industry, providing environmental clean up products, construction lasers, machine controls, and a range of construction and survey supplies that the industry requires to operate safely and efficiently. Products are high quality and competitively priced. Contractors know that whether they are looking for a can of paint or a 3-D excavator they can count on Rhino for big store pricing with small business service.

At the same time Chris was setting up his Edmonton, Alberta supply store, he also saw a real need for a consulting service dedicated to survey and construction businesses without resources of their own. And so, the consultation side of the business was born. The right advice can be crucial when costing out a project, preparing tenders or eyeing a new endeavour. From cost management to supply chain analysis to new product developments and trends, Chris brings multi-faceted career experience and a can-do attitude to every consultation.

Driven by the love of a sector that continues to thrive and innovate in spite of significant challenges, the daily goal of Rhino Supplies and Consulting is to bring customers highquality products and expert advice at extremely competitive prices. Keeping overheads low and dynamically sourcing products is what makes up the Rhino Advantage. As Chris likes to say,

“One Company… Many Things… A Single Advantage …THE RHINO ADVANTAGE”.