Carlson Command

Top New Features
The new Stream Server and Carlson
Command Web uses modern, powerful
protocols for machine connection and
data transfer and enables light weight
user install
Send projects, installs, files and
configurations to a single machine or
your whole fleet with confidence
Improved data input and real-time
transfer means knowing the data is
up-to-date and accurate
New required task feature ensures
operators are logging their time
New ability to manage, view, and create
custom reports of multiple As-Built
surfaces within the site linework
Powerful Management & Reporting
Individual Machine Volume Metrics
Dozer Push Metrics
Time Reporting
Drill Reporting
Productivity Analysis
Surface Color Mapping
Cut/Fill Color Mapping
Rover Position Trace
Historical Replay
User-Friendly Web Interface
Quick, Easy Report Customization
Cloud Data Management
Management of Multiple Sites
Scheduled Reporting with Automatic
Comfortable, Clear Interface
Dynamic Productivity Tools
On-the-move data exchange
(machine to machine)
Surface updating
In-cab monitoring
Tasks & delays/down-codes
On-site proximity warnings
Avoidance zones, and more

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Carlson Command for site communication