GL622N Dual Grade

GL612N / GL622N are grade lasers with
a compensated grade range of -25% to
+25%. Vertical and horizontal setups are also
Quick setups with the 2-way radio
remote control
Electronic Leveling Vibration Filter dampens
vibrations typically experienced on tall tripods,
in high winds, or on high vibration jobsites
Very rugged with low service costs; takes a 3 ft
(1 m) drop on concrete
Mask mode eliminates interference with other
crews on the jobsite
Automatic Axis Alignment (GL622N only) is easy
to setup for increased accuracy.
Radio communication between the laser and
HL760 Laserometer allow advanced features
and remote display capabilities
Long operating radio range – 490 ft (150 m)
Grade Match displays the existing grade
over unknown ground and eliminates time
consuming and error prone calculations, time
spent searching for grade plans, and over
The GL622IR is a Class 1 laser. This type of
beam is required in special applications where
a visible beam is a safety hazard, distracting or
otherwise not permissible.
5 Year ?No Cost? Warranty

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Comes With:GL612N HL760 C70 Rod Calmp RC602N